BBQ Bacon Wrapped Meatloaf

Minutes to Prepare: 20 Minutes

Minutes to Cook: 30 Minutes

Number of Serving: 2



BBQ bacon wrapped meatloaf is one of those dishes which surpass the bounds of seasonality. Anything bacon wrapped is always delicious, but what actually gives an edge to this BBQ bacon wrapped meatloaf is that the bacon in it makes the dish super moist and the use of sauce above makes it altogether delightful.


The serving of Cucumber Salad as a side dish with the BBQ bacon wrapped meatloaf makes it a perfect meal. This dish is one of those rare dishes which people like to make on their own, so you won’t find it in your nearby restaurant easily.


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How to Cook


Start out by adding a healthy dash of BBQ Sauce. This is the main staple for the entire dish and will be used in different steps.


Now we add in the raw egg. This is a key step as the egg is what helps to hold the meatloaf together while cooking.


Now the Worcestershire sauce enters the bowl to give the meat a little kick of salt and it also gives a little juice back to the meat as it is being cooked.


Mustard, Italian Seasoning, Bread Crumbs, Chili Powder, Minced Garlic.


Chop and Dice Onions to finish off the filler for the meatloaf


Divide out the meat for perfect portions for each other. Using this particular shape allows for the easiest to top with the bacon.


Cover both Loaves with all the bacon, this will keep the flavors in the meat and add a little more salt.


Again covering both loaves with as much BBQ sauce as you can handle. This will make sure that you do not burn anything. You also have the ability to re-apply as necessary for ample flavor.


Plate with the simple side dish and enjoy.

How to Cook