Lemon and Caper Berry Salmon

Time to Prepare: 20 minutes

Time to Cook:30 minutes

Number of Servings: 2

The lemon and caper berry with salmon is a spoon licking, finger biting, mouth-watering dish which unlike other meals can’t be found everywhere. The entire meal, depending on the eater’s personal preferences, can also be given its face using chicken, other meats or sausages. However, with the introduction of the North-African dish, couscous, salmon is a right fit!


These two dishes go hand in hand to give off a perfect taste backed by absolute satisfaction. The couscous, of course, comes in varieties of forms depending on the eater’s choice. In Africa, it is mostly jazzed up with okra and some chicken on the side, but all in all, it is a dish you must try!

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How to Cook

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Brush on Extra Virgin Olive Oil, on both sides of the Salmon. Do not just cover the pan with the EVOO.


Make sure you brush the back side of the Salmon as well, this will prevent any burning.


I always cut slices into my Salmon to make sure that the flavors of the Caper and Lemon seep into the Salmon.


Squash the Caper Berry's and spread the seeds all over the fish and leave the rest of the berry inside the cuts you have made.


Now cover the Salmon with slices of Lemon after squeezing the juice all over both sides of the fish.


Plate the Salmon over top of your side dish with the Lemon and Caper Berry's still inside for a great look and a wonderful zest of flavor.

How to Cook